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Event Information

Everything you need to know about the event
Event Date is 30th November, 2024

Registrations open 1st September at 6pm.


Event Details




Starts as early as 4:00am with last over finish line by 2:30pm the same day.

Start Location:

Dennes Point picnic area at the North of Bruny Island.

Finish Location:

Lighthouse in Cloudy Bay at the South of Bruny Island.

Getting to the Event

Please check ferry times and leave plenty of time. Below is an approximate guide to travel times.

  •  Hobart to Kettering ~40 mins (~34km)
  • Ferry ~20 mins
  • Drive to start ~25mins (~23km)

Entry Fees

Solo Competitor:

  • AURA Member $85.00
  • Non AURA Member $100.00

Relay Competitor:

  • Adults $50.00
  • Juniors (U17 on the day) $20.00

Drink Stations

Bring adequate water required for the run with you onto the Island.

Bottles can be filled at the 40 km changeover marker but not at the Hotel please.

There is a drink station at the Hotel sponsored by Gatorade.

Course Description

The course is a mix of bitumen and dirt road.

The total distance of the event is 64kms and it is split into legs of approximately 2km each.


Public toilets are available at the following locations:

  • Dennes Point (start line)
  • Community Center and Hotel in Alonnah
  • Lunawanna Hall
  • Cloudy Bay – Rangers hut

Relay Rules

Relay change over can only take place at the designated 2km changeover points.  This means your minimum relay leg is 2km and longer legs are in increments of 2km.

Runners waiting at change over points must be well off the road.

Safety first is the main requirement when stopping at a relay changeover.  It is requested that where possible, cars stop after the markers.

Road Safety

Please take it carefully when running.  Keep to the right facing oncoming traffic.  For drivers, stop only where it is safe to do so.  all roads are open to the public and absolute caution is required at all times.

All road rules apply.  Play it safe and keep well off the road where possible.

Please keep roadside vehilce doors closed.

National Park Entry

Park entrance fees have been waivered by Parks and Wildlife (sponsors of the event),  However all National Park rules apply.

Remember dogs not permitted, including inside vehicles.

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