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Remembering the day
Event Date is 30th November, 2024

Registrations open 1st September at 6pm.

The Bruny Island Ultra marathon celebrates its community-driven ethos through its photo-sharing tradition. Participants and spectators enthusiastically capture the essence of the event, showcasing the camaraderie, determination, and picturesque landscapes encountered along the 64km route.
A toast at the 40km mark!
Together as a team we made it!
By embracing this grassroots approach to photography, we foster a sense of inclusivity and engagement,
allowing everyone to play a part in documenting and reliving the unforgettable moments of the Bruny Island Ultra marathon.
Doing a hop and a skip!
Check out our facebook page for more photos contributed by the growing group of champions that have participated in the Bruny Island Ultra Marathon.
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