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Roady's Race Strategy

Looking for a race strategy to get you across the island?
Event Date is 30th November, 2024

Registrations open 1st September at 6pm.

Matthew Roadnight's Race Strategy

Here’s my race strategy. I’m not the fastest, and my goal was just to finish. I always over analyse everything, I love running, and I love Excel.
Matthew Roadnight

Race Suggestions & Tips

Break it down
Focus on manageable sections (8 x 8km) landmarks.
Watch your battery
Conserve energy on early uphill kilometres: 1, 2, 5, 8 ,10. Walk if needed, you will benefit more at the end. For example: run 7min pace or walk 9 min pace which equates to 10 minute difference and will provide benefit energy of 15 minutes in the last 10km when you really need it.
Look after your muscles
If you take it easy uphill be sure to power it down hill. Use gravity and get some of that lactic acid out of your leg muscles.
plain food
Eat dry food (Eg: plain biscuit, cheese sandwich) at 21km and 42km.
Watch your fluids
Take Electrolyte tabs every 8km (1/2 Shotz + 150/250ml water)
soak it up
Soak up the atmosphere.  Encourage others as you pass them or they pass you.  Run your own race.

My Bruny Island Race Strategy Spreadsheet

This strategy totally worked for me. My goal time was 7:46:33 and I finished 7:45:32
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The Bruny Spreadsheet needs 8 inputs

  • Start Time
  • User defined values for Downhill, Flat and Incline gradients
  • Pace for Downhill Effort, Pace for Incline
  • Fatigue factor after first 21k, fatigue factor after 42k
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