ultra marathon

Roady's race Strategy

Next event is Saturday 30th November 2024

Race Suggestions & Tips

  • Focus on manageable sections (8 x 8km) landmarks
  • Conserve energy on early uphill kilometres: 1, 2, 5, 8 ,10.  Walk if needed, you will benefit more at the end.  For example: run 7min pace or walk 9 min pace which equates to 10 minute difference and will provide benefit energy of 15 minutes in the last 10km when you really need it.
  • If you take it easy uphill be sure to power it down hill.  Use gravity and get some of that lactic acid out of your leg muscles.
  • Eat dry food (Eg: plain biscuit, cheese sandwich) at 21km and 42km.
  • Take Electrolyte tabs every 8km (1/2 Shotz + 150/250ml water)
  • Soak up the atmosphere
  • Encourage others as you pass them or they pass you
  • Run your own race.